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Yes, sellers can offer new and worn sneakers on WOOVIN. If the sneakers are worn, the seller will indicate the condition of the sneakers in the advertisement.

WOOVIN does as much as possible to keep the platform safe and to prevent scammers. We do this in the following ways:

– Every user must have their telephone number, e-mail and identity verified;
– Each user can give another user a review only once;
– WOOVIN is entitled to remove anyone who does not meet the conditions set by the platform, if a seller sells an inauthentic pair of sneakers for example;
– Users have the option to report other users for incorrect actions. We will then investigate whether the user should be removed from the platform.
– In addition, WOOVIN has created a Safe Trading for starters manual, where users can find information and tips on various topics related to safety.

Select the pair of sneakers that you are interested in. Beneath the sneakers, the seller is displayed with their asking price, the size and the condition of the sneakers. Click on view product to see the photos of the seller and click on the “Send Message” or WhatsApp button (if the member has linked his WhatsApp number to his Store) to get in touch with the seller.

WOOVIN uses US sizes, the sneakers are shown in US sizes.

The condition of the sneakers is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10/10 means that the sneakers are new and 8/10 means that the sneakers have been worn, but are still in good condition. Feel free to ask the seller for photos to better determine the condition yourself.

WOOVIN does not offer any purchase protection, as this does not go hand in hand with the concept of the platform. The responsibility lies with the users themselves. WOOVIN does, however, as stated in an earlier article, keep the platform safe as much as possible.

In addition to searching for the name, always try to search for the style code or SKU. If you still cannot find your sneaker, please mail us at and we will try to add them to the website as soon as possible.

WOOVIN is a marketplace where independent sellers have their own store where they offer their own sneakers for sale. WOOVIN is therefore not responsible for the behavior of the sellers.

If your question is not answered, please mail us at