A full-size guide for the Adidas Campus 00

Long after theirinitial popularity after appearing on the feet of the Beastie Boyz, the adidas Campus is back. But its latest iteration is much chunkier than the 80s Campus silhouette, fitting in more with other Y2K sneakers. Debuting in 2022, the new Adidas Campus 00 silhouette is great for everyone from skateboarders to casual sneaker fans alike. Rocking the chunkier look, whilst still decked out in vintage, soft pastel colors. But if you have never owned a pair, it can be tricky to find out which size will fit best. That’s why we’re here to let you know all the details about the sneaker sizing in one place.

How the sneaker fits

First, it is important to acknowledge that everyone’s feet are different and the way a sneaker fits one person, may not match up with another person’s experience. However, here’s some general guidance regarding how the sneaker fits to help you figure out what will suit you best.

Adidas has listed the Campus as fitting true to size, and for the most part, this seems to hold true. The sneaker has a snug fit and may feel tight at first, particularly due to the padded ankle and tongue. Especially if you are used to previous, sleeker versions of the Adidas Campus, this may come as a surprise. However, don’t fear. After a couple of wears, the suede upper should break in, and the sneaker will begin to loosen up, molding to the shape of your foot. Once broken in, the sneaker’s upper is extremely comfortable, like a pillow around your feet. So, we recommend for the most part staying true to size, to maximize this snug feeling. Moreover, some have reported heel slippage on the model when going up half a size from their true size. Plus, the insole is removable, so if you need some extra wiggle room, wear the sneakers without it. That said, if your true size is not available, we recommend going up half a size rather than down. A padded sneaker such as this can feel suffocating and too tight if trying to slip into a smaller model. Besides, a thick pair of socks can solve most problems if going half a size up causes a looser fit.

The sneakers width

The model has a narrow toe box but is relatively wide around the rest of the foot and is suitable for people with a high instep once the laces are loosened. Thanks to the sneaker’s steep angle from the toe box, up to the tongue. Therefore, unless your toes are particularly splayed, we recommend staying true to size, even with wide feet. If the opposite case is true, i.e. having a narrower foot, the sneakers are similarly suitable. Whilst perhaps worth dropping a size if particularly narrow, to keep the snug feeling, the sneaker is good at accommodating different foot shapes once broken in. Moreover, a tightening of the laces should be enough for most wearers.

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adidas Campus 00s Better Scarlet Cloud White

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