Air Max.

In the year 1978, Nike developed its renowned air cushioning technology, which was subsequently implemented in both sneakers and running shoes. Not only was the design not understood, but there were also doubts about its feasibility. Tinker Hatfield aimed to showcase the air technology, which had already been in use in Nike shoes for several years, to the outside world.

The Story.

He sought to achieve this by creating a "window" in the sole through which you could peer inside. Fortunately for sneaker enthusiasts, the designers at Nike persisted with the sneakers development despite the criticism. Nearly a decade later, in 1987, it was launched. With these sneakers, the air unit became visible in the sole of the sneaker, leading to an entirely new sneaker design. To say that the model has been a success might be an understatement. Consequently, the sneaker has been released in hundreds of different colorways.Following the introduction of this model, countless other variants followed, with the Nike Air Max 1 taking a prominent place. Consequently, the Nike Air Max 1 pays homage to the original Air Max model. The revised version of the original model has been fully adapted to the modern era, without losing sight of the essence of the original. There are now various models like the Air Max 90, 95 and many others. However, this first variant remains special. New colorways and the use of contemporary materials contribute to the continued legacy of this iconic sneaker.

Specialty - Air Max Day.

On March 26th, a legendary day known as 'Air Max Day,' we celebrate the birthday of our greatest passion. It was on this day that it was officially brought into the world.


This model typically run true to size. If you're looking to purchase a sneaker from the Air Max 1, you can rest assured that you're getting a comfortable fit. The visible Air unit, whether under the heel or extending across the entire midsole, is a clear indication that these sneakers prioritize cushioning, thus alleviating any worries about comfort.

What is the price of Nike Air Max sneakers?

Upon their release, Nike Air Max were priced at €160.
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