You will never guess which silhouette is coming back!

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A sneaker that was once one of the best-selling sneakers in the world is returning, and it’s caught all of us by surprise. A sign of the time in which it was made, the Nike Roshe was an extremely successful silhouette during the early 2010s before being discontinued by Nike and fading away into a memory. But Nike looks set to reintroduce the model, in an attempt to recreate the popularity it held with its original release.

The shoe.

Looking to come back to its original form, the model will feature a breathable mesh upper, with a simplistic piece design. A TPU Nike swoosh can be found on the sides of the shoe, and the upper sits atop a plush foam outsole. Otherwise, rope laces and tags on the heel and tongue finish off the minimalistic silhouette. Although different versions were released including a FlyKnit version, whether any more than the standard pair will release is yet to be seen.

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What we know.

Although a golf version of the Nike Roshe has continued to stay in production, this will be the first lifestyle Roshe has had for some time. After unsuccessful attempts to translate the hype around the Nike Roshe to the following Nike Roshe One and Two silhouettes. After this, the Roshe seemed to be succeeded by other minimalist Nike models such as the Nike Tanjun. That said, rumors are of an autumn release of the sneakers, but any other details are up in the air. Once the sneakers will become available on to buy and sell once they see a release.

Our thoughts.

Although it can be hard to look back and fully remember how popular the Roshe was because of the speed at which it disappeared. The sneakers were everywhere, from the fanciest retail spaces to the local foot locker. Everyone had seen the sneakers, and if you didn’t have a pair of your own, you at least knew five people who did. They were so popular in fact that Kanye West has even cited them as inspiration for his Adidas Yeezy Boost 350. Sporting a similar silhouette, West wanted to replace Nike’s top model at the time now he had left the Swoosh for Adidas.

What was unique about the Nike Roshe was the number of colorways they were released in, to meet demand. Causing a wave of colorful sneakers that were much more vibrant than the more toned-down colorways that are popular nowadays. Moreover, its running shoe silhouette and minimalist design are reminiscent of the early 2010s and the following trends. Think back to the Adidas Ultraboosts and the Adidas NMDS, and the prevailing popularity of running shoes or at least running-inspired lifestyle silhouettes. It will be interesting to see upon the return of the Nike Roshe, whether such a silhouette, can thrive in 2023, and whether it does so off of nostalgia. Or if it can find a new group of younger sneakerheads who maybe weren’t around to appreciate the sneaker’s original release.

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