Yeezy 500.

The Yeezy 500 represents a notable milestone in the collaboration with Kanye West, as it blurs traditional gender boundaries, appealing to both women and men. Notably, it introduced the groundbreaking Boost sole technology to the Yeezy line. Its innovative design transcends gender norms, making it attractive to a broader audience.

The Story.

Back in 2017, Kanye West adopted a deliberate marketing strategy for his upcoming adidas Yeezy sneaker model. He made a splash with eye-catching outfits, often seen in baggy track pants or sporty shorts with athletic socks while unveiling his new Yeezy design. This intentional approach by the renowned Chicago rapper aimed to organically build excitement and anticipation for the sneakers. However, despite the early teasers, the first official launch of the model didn't occur until April 2018.Furthermore, the first colorway, known as the 'Dessert Rat,' immediately garnered attention and set the stage for subsequent releases. Over the following period, a variety of other colorways were introduced, including the 'Soft Vision,' 'Stone,' 'Salt,' 'Bone,' 'Utility Black,' and 'Super Moon Yellow.' Consequently, each of these iterations brought its own distinct visual appeal to the Yeezy 500 lineup, fueling the growing interest among sneaker enthusiasts and the broader fashion community.


The Yeezy 500 runs true to size.

What is the price of Yeezy 500?

Upon their release, the Yeezy 500 were priced at approximately €200.
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