Adidas traces its roots to driven brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. In Herzogenaurach, they started in a shoe factory and birthed Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924. Fueled by their passion for footwear, they excelled in sports shoes. Consequently, their brand gained global recognition adored by athletes. The name is derived from a combination of Adolph's nickname, 'adi', and the first three letters of his surname.

What does the history of adidas look like?

By 1948, a rift split the brothers. Adolf formed Adidas, while Rudolf created Puma, intensifying a rivalry.A year after the split of the two brothers, Adolph added the three highly iconic stripes to the brand, which remain incredibly popular even today. The trefoil, which has become a significant part of Adidas Originals, was introduced in 1972.Following the passing of Adolph and his wife Kathe, the leadership was taken over by the eldest son, Horst. Unfortunately, his tenure was short-lived as he too passed away after 3 years. To ensure that the company remained a Dassler enterprise and continued to deliver high quality, the brand adhered to the established company guidelines.


Furthermore, they focused on iconic athletes like Ali and Beckham bolstered Adidas' rise. Youth embraced Adidas in the '80s, from football shirts to Run-DMC's tribute. Secondly, they sponsor numerous football teams worldwide, which stands as one of its major revenue sources alongside sneaker sales. In addition to its involvement in the athletic industry, there's another shift towards the music sector, evident in their collaboration with Kanye West for the creation of Yeezy sneakers.

Popular adidas models

Superstar and other models like Campus, Samba, and Gazelle gained immense popularity.
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