General asked questions

We experienced that sneaker trading has become much less fun and has become purely a hard business due to the marketplaces of today. WOOVIN is therefore a marketplace for our sneaker community. We ensure that trading in sneakers is made more fun, easier and better; we do this by means of the following:

– You can chat with each other on our marketplace, making trading in sneakers more personal, allowing you to build a network all over the world.
– WOOVIN offers sneaker sellers the opportunity to easily realize their own online sneaker store, offering sneakers has also been made many times easier by our sneakers specialized sales forum.
– Sellers do not pay any transaction costs to us, so the entire sale amount is for the seller him- or herself.
– Because all sellers are clearly displayed per sneaker model and you can filter these seller ads by size, condition and country of origin, it is very easy to find the right seller as a buyer.
– As a seller, you can offer worn sneakers on our marketplace and also exchange sneakers instead of selling them.
– You can schedule a meet up on location with a buyer or seller on our marketplace if you prefer, to avoid any problems that shipping can cause.
– On our marketplace you have everything in your own hands, so you will not be faced with any surprises. This does mean that the members themselves are responsible for their actions.

WOOVIN is a marketplace for our sneaker community and makes trading in sneakers easier, better and above all much more fun. We will therefore continue to innovate and improve our marketplace. In this way we realize the optimal marketplace for our sneaker community. We do need your help for this, so all tips and ideas for our marketplace are more than welcome and any knowledge dissemination of our marketplace is greatly appreciated.

On behalf of the WOOVIN team, thanks in advance for all your help and support, we appreciate it a lot!


Every member of WOOVIN is responsible for their actions. You can determine how payment will be arranged, how the package will be shipped and so on. WOOVIN is not responsible for any action taken by a member.

WOOVIN does, as much as possible to keep the platform safe and to prevent scammers. We do this in the following ways:

– Every user must have their telephone number, e-mail and identity verified;
– Each user can give another user a review only once;
– WOOVIN is entitled to remove anyone who does not meet the conditions set by the platform, if a seller sells an inauthentic pair of sneakers for example;
– Users have the option to report other users for incorrect actions. We will then investigate whether the user should be removed from the platform. 
– In addition, WOOVIN has created a Safe Trading for starters manual, where users can find information and tips on various topics related to safety.

In addition to searching for the name, always try to search for the style code or SKU. If you still cannot find your sneaker, please mail us at and we will try to add them to the website as soon as possible.

At WOOVIN safety is of paramount importance. That is why we treat your data with strict confidentiality. Using the guidelines below you can help us to protect your personal data as well as possible.

– Never give your WOOVIN account details such as your login name and password to others.
– Choose an original and strong password carefully.
– Check if the web address is displayed correctly. You can do this by looking whether a green padlock is present in the address bar and by checking whether the web address begins with “” .
– Beware of internet fraud through spam and fake emails. The so-called phishing e-mails can be almost indistinguishable from real e-mails, so always carefully check the e-mail address of the sender. If in doubt, contact the company.

Our platform is protected by copyright. This site is intended for own or internal use of our customers, whereby it is not permitted to reproduce the site other than by downloading and viewing it on a single computer, and / or printing a single hard copy. Without prior written permission from WOOVIN it is not permitted to reproduce, forward or make this site available to a network in any other way. It is not allowed to frame this site.

If your question is not answered, please mail us at