Air Jordan 1.

Michael Jordan's first year in the NBA didn't just secure him a spot with the Chicago Bulls; it also brought him a sponsorship deal with Nike. Uncertain about shifting his loyalty from Converse (the Chuck Taylor had been Jordan's favored sneaker for college play), Jordan needed to be convinced. However, in 1985, the birth of the Jordan 1 swept away all his concerns.

The Story.

The Jordan 1s, which were famously worn by the legendary Michael Jordan in 1985 when he made his game-winning shot that brought championship glory to North Carolina, are considered to be the ones that started it all.Nowadays, the pair still shows world-class design and technology. It is using the innovative Nike cushioning system to achieve winning results both on and off the court. The sneaker, designed by Peter Moore, featured a high collar, leather upper, and sleek design, which were all novel elements on the basketball court at the time. Even today, this shoe remains a timeless favorite among sneaker enthusiasts.

Specialty - Low, Mid or High?

The Jordan 1 is available in three distinct styles, each possessing its own unique characteristics. If you're a fan of low-cut sneakers, then Low is the perfect fit for you. Retaining all the recognizable traits of the Jordan 1, this version is designed with a lower profile. Then Low is adored for its classic look in a more understated form.Secondly, another popular model that preserves all the iconic elements is the Mid. This sneaker features a mid-top height and offers a wide range of perfect color combinations to choose from. Serving as a compromise between the low and high models, the Mid has garnered its own dedicated fanbase.Lastly, the most searched model among the three is undoubtedly the High. This version stands taller than the Mid variant and stays true to the original silhouette.


High Sizing: To start with the Highs, they generally run true to size. You can stick with your normal size when choosing the high-cut Jordan 1.Mid Sizing: For adult-sized Mids, you can confidently go with your typical size. However, it's important to mention that Jordan 1 Mids are increasingly available in Grade School sizes these days. In this case, remember to select a half size larger for the right fit.Low Sizing: The Lows tends to have a slightly roomier fit compared to the  Mid or High. To achieve the perfect fit, you might want to opt for a half size smaller in the case of the Jordan 1 Low.

What is the price of the Jordan 1 sneakers?

Upon the release, the lowest prices for  Jordan 1 typically range between €110-130, the mid-range prices are between €130-150, and the highest prices are around €170
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