Yeezy Slide.

The Yeezy Slide is a very popular model. The slipper has a unique look, making it very recognizable. The shape is made using a special molding. During the production process, adidas puts EVA foam into a mold and then lets it solidify so that the Yeezy is produced in the best shape.Over the past two years, the world has undergone significant changes. The shift from office-based work to remote work has led us to perceive clothing differently. When working from home, comfort has taken the lead. This shift is also evident in Yeezy's approach.One of the brand's most sought-after models is not a sneaker, but a slipper—the Yeezy slides. These slides have already seen quite a few colorway releases, gaining popularity along the way. We've compiled all the key information about these slippers, so you can also snag a pair for the summer season. Let's start from the beginning and delve into the details of the Yeezy slides.Meanwhile, the sandal knows all kinds of colorways. You can wear slides to the beach, or under another relaxed outfit.

What is the price of Yeezy Slide?

Upon their release, the Yeezy Slide were priced at approximately €55.
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