Undoubtedly, an icon within Nike's sneaker collection is the timeless model known as the Nike Dunk. This sneaker has been capturing hearts for quite some time with its minimalist design and has been praised for its distinctive color-blocking aesthetic. What initially started as a sports shoe for college basketball has now undergone a transformation and evolved into an indispensable element in the realm of streetwear, the Nike Dunk. There became a separation between the High and Low version.

Why are they called Nike Dunks?

While Moore initially labeled the model as the 'College Color High,' he had a last-minute change of heart. This change was prompted by the coincidence of the model's release with the 40th anniversary of the first slam dunk in basketball. To honor this event, he made the decision to christen the shoe as the 'Nike Dunk.

What is the price of Nike Dunks?

Upon their release, Nike Dunks were priced at approximately €100.
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