Air Force.

As one of the most iconic models in the sneaker realm, the Nike Air Force 1 stands as a classic renowned for its versatile style, comfortable fit, and extensive range of color schemes. Transitioning from basketball to lifestyle footwear, it has garnered favoritism among celebrities and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

The Story.

Originally, the Air Force 1 was designed as a cutting-edge basketball shoe that introduced air cushion technology for the very first time. This air cushioning system had a successful debut with the Nike Tailwind in 1979. It was a big deal because it brought this new technology to sports shoes. But, when they tried to use it in basketball shoes, it was a bit more complicated.The Nike Tailwind, made for running, mainly provided support for straight-line movements from the front of the foot to the heel. In basketball, though, there are a lot of quick sprints, sudden stops, and sharp turns, which need different things from the shoes. This meant they had to come up with a more complex design. That's where designer Bruce Kilgore came in, using his creative skills to come up with important changes.The Nike Air Force 1 was first released as a high-top shoe in 1982. A year later, they brought out the AF1 Low. But in 1984, they stopped making it because they were making new things in the world of sneakers.


The Air Force 1 often runs a bit bigger in size.

What is the price of Nike Air Force?

Upon their release, the Nike Air Force 1 Low and Mid are sold at release for around €100-120, while the High is usually priced at €130-140.
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