The original New Balance 550, known as the 'P550' back then, made its debut in 1989 as a basketball shoe. Despite its distinctive two-toned design, the shoe didn't manage to gain the intended popularity at that time.However, more than three decades later, New Balance decided to turn the tables and give history a new twist. With its nostalgic retro appearance, the New Balance 550 experienced a revival that resonated particularly well with passionate sneaker enthusiasts. The shoe managed to capture hearts and established itself as a remarkable success in the realm of sneakers.Having a low-top silhouette, sleek leather upper, breathable mesh lining, and rubber sole, this simple yet sophisticated vintage design has caused quite a stir in the sneaker realm. The upper of this shoe is crafted from high-quality and supple leather. The breathable mesh lining sits atop a rubber sole, blending comfort and durability seamlessly. The distinctive two-toned outsole has an elevated profile, and the understated NB logo contributes to the timeless appeal of this almost-forgotten classic sneaker, now being reintroduced with honor.The New Balance 550's popularity stems largely from its effortless versatility, seamlessly complementing nearly any outfit. Despite its initial disappearance into obscurity post-launch, this footwear has left a lasting impact on the fashion scene. The partnership with Aimé Leon Dore breathed new life into the sneaker, and its clean, timeless design has maintained its relevance. Featuring a smooth leather upper, airy mesh lining, and resilient rubber sole, it melds functional design with stylish adaptability.What is the price of New Balance 550?Upon their release, the New Balance 550s were priced at approximately €110.
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