Air Jordan 4.

Certainly an icon in its own way, the Air Jordan 4 sneakers have a timeless charm that will surely become even more popular as time goes on. These sneakers grab your attention and impress with a touch of nostalgia, a friendly nod to the past. But, beyond their striking looks, there's a lot of advanced technology in these shoes.

Modern technologies

Underneath their good looks, there are modern technologies that make the Jordan 4 sneakers comfortable and functional. The Air Sole Unit, a special cushioning feature, provides amazing comfort. Each step feels like walking on soft cushions. This unique feature is a big part of the shoe's identity, showing you're a true sneaker fan. The tough rubber sole is really durable, not only making the shoes strong but also giving you good grip and control on different surfaces. The Air Jordan 4 sneakers catch your eye because they're made from different materials. This creates a nice mix of textures and a unique look. The materials also make the shoes versatile and show off your personal style.

What is the price of Air Jordan 4s sneakers?

Upon their release, the Air Jordan 4s were priced at approximately €200.
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