Four Air Max 1’s available now on WOOVIN

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The Nike Air Max 1, originally released in 1987, was the first Nike  sneaker to visibly display its Air cushioning technology. A risky move that had many critics within Nike before its release, once it finally reached the public, all doubt went away. Now one of the most popular and timeless silhouettes in history, the Nike Air Max 1 is a great sneaker to add to any collection. So, without further ado, we have compiled 4 of our favorite Air Max 1s available now on our WOOVIN site.

Nike Air Max 1 Corduroy Baltic Blue 

A beautiful sneaker that is perfect for the summer, the Nike Air Max 1 Corduroy Baltic Blue takes the once-performance model in a very lifestyle-focused direction. Although the Nike Air Max 1 has its origins as a running shoe, it quickly became casual sneaker wearers’ footwear of choice, especially thanks to the bubble on the midsole adding an aesthetic element that separated the shoe from any other at the time. This pair reflects this change in its choice to forgo any performance-focused materials on the upper and, instead, cover the shoe in a bright blue corduroy. Whilst beige accents on the swoosh and tongue tab add a subtle contrast.

Image: WOEI

Nike Air Max 1 ’86 Big Bubble Sport Red

The most recent Air Max 1 to feature on this list, the Nike Air Max 1 ’86 Big Bubble Sport Red released this year on Air Max Day. A yearly event celebrating anything and everything air max related, it takes place on March 26th, the date the Air Max 1 was first released in ’87. This pair in particular pays homage to the Air Max 1’s creation, taking inspiration from an early mockup of the Air Max 1 that got beaten out by the design we know today. This version differs in its larger “bubble” in the midsole which exposes the Air unit present in the heel of the sneaker. Otherwise, the sneaker comes in a clean white and grey colorway, with red hits on the swoosh and mudguard that wrap around the base of the upper.

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Nike Air Max 1 Kasina Won-Ang Orange

Released last year, this collaboration between Korean sneaker boutique Kasina and Nike pays homage to Korean culture with its “Won-Ang” theme. “Won-Ang” are Mandarin “Wedding ducks” which used to be bought for a partner in South Korea before they got married. Citing the ducks’ lifelong mating pattern reminiscent of humans, even though real ducks aren’t bought for partners anymore, wooden ducks are often given for the same reason. Otherwise, the sneaker features several interesting materials, from a suede mudguard to a leather toe, and wooden deubre on the bottom of the laces. The fur on the midfoot connects the sneaker to its duck theme, alongside a duck motif on the outsole, heel tag and insole.

Image: Sneaker News

Nike Air Max 1 Patta Waves Noise Aqua 

Last but not least, the Nike Air Max 1 Patta Waves Noise Aqua was one of the first of a run of Patta  x Nike Air Max 1s to hit shelves. Its unique wave design taking over the bottom of the upper gives the shoe an entirely new look, whilst the rest of the silhouette remains true to the original design. We have picked out the Noise Aqua colorway for its light upper and midsole, alongside a striking aqua blue wave pattern. What’s more, the pair comes with a free bracelet featuring a Nike swoosh and the Suriname flag, referencing the Patta founders’ Surinamese heritage.

Image: Sneaker News

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