Three cultures come together in the spirit of football for one sneaker.

Image: Nike

Dutch sneaker store, Patta, and American giants, Nike, are collaborating again on another Air Max, after the success of their previous collaborations. But this time, rather than offering a completely unique take, Patta is taking inspiration from LaLiga powerhouse Barcelona to help decorate their latest offering. Here’s what we know about the Nike Air Max Plus x Patta x Barcelona so far.

The sneaker

Choosing to honor FC Barcelona’s famous colors, the sneaker comes in a mesh upper, dressed in a garnet and blue gradient, while the TPU exoskeleton is painted black. The mudguard, laces, heel and tongue tabs are also black, and garnet and blue ticks feature on the midfoot. Reflective 3M accents scale the length of the sneaker for an extra flash.  The colorful upper is paired with a simpler white and black midsole, save for the gradient returning on the shank plate. And the Air bubbles have a dark red lining for an extra pop of color. Otherwise, the sneaker features a unique Barcelona doubré on the bottom of the laces, and yellow and black Patta branding on the tongue and heel.

Where the sneaker pays homage to Barcelona fans is with the writing on the insole. Reading out “Culers del Mon.” Culers is the nickname for Barcelona’s fans, and del mon means “of the world” in Barcelona’s native Catalan language. The sneaker references the global fanbase of Barcelona, a nice touch given the sneakers’ release in collaboration with Dutch and American brands.

Image: Nike

Our thoughts about the Nike Air Max Patta Barcelona 

This idea could have been performed on any Nike sneaker, so why did they choose the Nike Air Max Plus? Well, two clear reasons come to mind. Firstly, this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of the iconic silhouette, making the perfect time for it to receive some love from longtime Air Max aficionados, Patta: a brand that has also noted the rich history of Dutch managers at Barcelona and the number of players from Amsterdam who would go on to play for Barcelona.

Moreover, the Air Max Plus, hot off a football-themed “Mercurial” colorways release, has a history that is heavily intertwined with football. Although originally designed as a running sneaker, it quickly became more popular for everyday use, particularly as a sneaker of choice to wear to football games in the UK. Casuals, a name for football fans known for their unique fashion-sense, taking a liking to the sneaker not only makes it fitting for a football-themed collaboration but also makes the timing of such a collaboration relevant, as football fashion, now often referred to as “Bloke-core” online, has seen quite the resurgence. Models like the Adidas Samba and Puma Palermo which were also common fixtures on game day saw a boost in popularity.

When will the Air Max Patta Barcelona release?

The Nike Air Max Plus x Patta x Barcelona will be released soon on October 13th, alongside new Patta x Nike x Barcelona FC clothing. After that, they will become available to buy and sell right here at .

Image: Nike

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