Spiderman is getting another take on the Jordan 1 this summer

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Once again, with the return of Miles Morales’ Spider-man, Jordan has unveiled a brand-new sneaker to release alongside the film. This comes after the success of a similar tactic for “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.” Where the specially made Jordan 1s were a massive hit with fans of sneakers and the Marvel Universe alike.

The sneakers

This new sneaker is reminiscent of the Jordan 1 Chicago since that’s what Miles wore in the first film. We are yet to see quite how the sneakers appear in the sequel. However, their brief inclusion in its trailer suggests that they will be present once again. However, rather than just releasing the Air Jordan 1 Chicago as it is, the red panels are made up of sewed-together pieces of red leather and suede, with different red patterns. For example, a red half-tone design is used around the collar. In doing so, the sneaker has an almost fragmented look, reminiscent of the comic art style from the movies. But also, representing the convergence of different “spiderverses” within the film. Otherwise, the black detailing seems to come in patent leather. Not only adding another material into the fray, but also adding some shine to the sneaker. Jordan’s infamous wings logo is present in a bold red on the ankle, with a subtle 3D effect.

Image: Sneaker News

The back story

In Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, we were introduced to Miles Morales, a teenage boy from Brooklyn, New York. He, too, gets his powers from being bitten by a spider and becomes another Spidermen in the Marvel Universe. The film paid particular attention to showcasing the interests a young boy from New York might have to make the character realistic and relatable. One of the ways they did that was through the film’s hip-hop heavy soundtrack. But, also, through Miles Morales’ kicks. Throughout the film, he is seen rocking a pair of unlaced Jordan 1 Retro Chicago’s – a detail that went down particularly well with the sneakerheads among Marvel’s huge audience.

Image: Sneaker News

Hence the excitement when a Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man Origin Story was released to accompany the film’s debut. We have seen all kinds of superhero and comic-inspired sneakers in the past. But never on the Jordan 1, a sneaker that doesn’t need collaboration to sell out its stock. So, when Marvel teamed up with the Jordan 1 Retro, it created pandemonium.

Five years later, we are once again anticipating a Jordan 1 Retro to release alongside “Spiderman: Across the Spider verse.” Since images of the sneaker surfaced in late 2022, it’s been tipped as a potential sneaker of the year candidate. Now there’s nothing left to do other than count down the days.

The Jordan 1 High OG Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse will finally release on the 20th of May. Shortly afterwards, it will become available to buy and sell here at WOOVIN.

Image: Sneaker News

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